Monday, February 19, 2007

Guest Blogger Returns!

Ah, you poor folks out there in blogger land! We've been too busy to post much, so look at what you've been missing:

David: "Bear's hungry!"
Me (looking over at teddy bear, who seems fat enough to me): "Ok!"
David walks over to his bucket of blocks, grabs a circular one, holds it upside down like a cup, and brings it over to the bear.
David: "Bear wants water."
David gives the bear a couple of good swigs.
David: "Bear's hungry! Bear wants banana!"
David walks over to his bookshelf and gets his toy banana - a soft, knitted one. He brings it over to the bear and holds it up to the bear's mouth.
Me (looking back at teddy bear, and you know, now that David points it out, the bear could stand to gain a bit of weight...): "Ok!"
David gives the bear the banana, then frowns a little bit. "[he] doesn't like it!"
David puts the banana back on the shelf and walks away.

That's just how days go sometimes, I guess. Luckily, C&D rarely say "don't like it!" Especially not when their mom cooks, which is fairly often these days.

We've been learning our alphabet, too. All those days looking at their books and the pictures in them, and a few weeks ago they finally started pointing to the little black scribbles below the pictures and tried to make sense of them. Here's where we're at:
A is pretty easy, except it kind of looks like a V upside down, and that makes it tricky
B is OK, except when I draw it, in which case it looks like a pair of glasses
C isn't bad, except that it looks like a rainbow, which is one of C&D's favorite shapes. Give them a crayon, and you will see a whole bunch of rainbows. Last night, Carmen figured out that C is for Carmen.
D isn't for David, at least not yet. But that doesn't stop them from at least learning the letter.
E is for Elephant, their second favorite (after Giraffe) zoo animal
F is the celebrity letter. They love to have someone draw F's for them. Draw them some other letter, like a J or a K, and they look up and say "F! Draw F! Draw F!" - and then once you do, it's "More F! More F!" until you have a page full of F's and you're out of room. Can't figure it out.
Haven't gotten to G yet. Looks too much like C, and thus like rainbows. Best to have just one rainbow letter for the moment, right?
We know H and I, and sometimes J and K, but think they're kind of boring.
L is for Lion. Roarr! Carmen especially likes to roar.
M is soooo tough to distinguish from W. But we're working on it, along with N.
O is really easy. They are so past O. Draw a picture of an O, and it's like, come on, give me a tougher one to figure out.
P looks like a choo-choo train. No? Don't see it? Cut one out, stick it sideways on the floor (long side down) and start pushing it around. Choo! Choo!
Haven't done much with Q and R yet. Still working on it.
S is like a Snake! SSSSSSnake!
T is like a Tree. They both like trees.
U is for Umbrella. A big floppy hat, a blanket on your head, and so many other things are like Umbrellas too.
We know V, but don't know what it stands for. I don't play the violin, we don't have any violets growing out front, and they've never met the vice president.
W is another celebrity letter. We like it almost as much as F.
X is for Xylophone. Yep, we like xylophones.
We like Y, too, especially David.
Z is for Zipper. We like zippers, too.

And yeah, we're still singing. Did I tell you we were still singing? Songs from Signing Time, the Biscuit Brothers, and who knows what else. Carmen sings "Home on the range" when she's supposed to be going to sleep. They sing to each other, they sing all by themselves, they'll sit and beg for you to sing to them.

And somehow, our favorite pastime has become the "I See Game", essentially just "I spy". "I see something yellow! I see something soft! I see something big!" After two months of doing this pretty much every day, I think I see the need to dream up another game...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Almost a month since the surgery, can I celebrate?

I want to write, because for once I have time and can, and because I
have thoughts I want to write down and remember.

That's the tricky bit, though. Sitting at the computer brings on an
aurora borealis with cosmic vibes and universal proportions--in my
head. My ears hum and buzz, static crawls just beneath my scalp, and
I feel like someone is using a whisk to beat my brain into stiff,
swirled peaks.

It might be the upstairs noise, the light, or maybe my mind responding
to the overwhelmingly large monitor.

In any case, I'm trying to graffiti-peck my e-communications on a PDA.
In the sage language of Homer (Simpson), "Doh!"

Might be another month. Until then I have paper, I guess.