Monday, January 01, 2007

Guest Blogger Returns

Well, not for too long. Almost lunchtime, and need to go see if the avocados I bought yesterday really are ready to eat, or if the Ripe Sticker is as false as it usually is.

But C&D finished their lunch, and what a lunch it was. They split a bag of tater tots (after grabbing the last one, David noted "Potatoes all gone!"), along with some salmon and peas. But that last potato was special - David figured out that if he smooshed it the right way, it could come out looking like a choo-choo train. I can't say that it had all that close of resemblance (it looked more like two blobs), but I'm not an expert. David's experienced opinion was that, yes, this really was a choo-choo train, and it could chug all around the table.

Your regular blog author has been busy finishing up some old blog posts, too, but even though they haven't been published before, they're hidden back in the archives because they were started a few months ago. Two from September (here and here), and one from October.


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