Saturday, November 25, 2006

Holy Moly

David can count to seven. Holy moly. Yesterday he could do to six. He just woke up that way, counting flowers on a tortilla warmer. The day before he was counting bits of cranberry sauce on his plate, up to four. Holy moly. Where did he learn that?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Another man in a wig? and other news

Did you hear? The U.S. Mint has given up on the golden Sacagawea dollars first released in 2000. They haven't given up on the concept of a dollar coin, however. Instead, they're hoping that in 2007 we'll happily use their new dollar coins, decorated with pictures of dead presidents on them.

Give me a break!

Nothing against the presidents, but every other piece of U.S. currency already has a picture of a dead old man on it. The Sacagawea dollar, on the other hand, was special. It had a picture of the ultimate American supermom, a goodwill ambassador who spoke multiple languages and helped guide a caravan of nervous and awestruck men through unfamiliar territory, all while raising a little boy. The coin is the most beautiful and elegant piece of American currency I've even jingled in my pocket. And the image of mother and child is a heckuva lot more inspiring than a picture of (yet another) man in a wig. (Image courtesy Wikipedia.)

And in other news . . . we've mostly, but only mostly, settled in at the new place. All of my books and papers are still in boxes, but the den, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms are in order. In addition to finishing out the living room, we've still got a long list of repairs, tweaks, and tightenings, so we think we know how we'll be spending the upcoming holiday weekends. C&D don't allow a lot of time for that kind of thing, however, preferring long stroller rides to the playgahround and visiting with all of our friendly new neighbors. This new state of chaos allows even less time for posting than I had hoped, but I'm hoping that if we can all sit tight, we'll be back on track by the end of the year.