Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tempting Fate

Tempting Fate, but I'll do it, anyway.

After last night's post, Carmen woke up. I rocked her as she rested her shoulder against my chest and watched the shadows from the television flicker against the wall, rocking until nearly one in the morning.

Then she woke up to start the day at six. So maybe I am tempting Fate with this post. I will be on the verge of finishing it, and she will wake up, and I will have to rock her half the night again.

I didn't want to go to the ranch. I wanted to stay at home and nap, and get Carmen's sleep schedule back on track.

But after a 45-minute nap from the Carmen and no nap at all from the David, I put on my jeans and loaded everything up. We would go to the ranch. Maybe they would sleep in the car.

Of course they didn't sleep in the car, but it turned out to be such a warm, sunny, magnificent day--and even better on the ranch--that I am happy Matt dragged all us sleepyheads out there. I have many other pictures to show you (including Carmen being very clever and using a stool to climb on the futon, so she can jump up and down on it), but here are a couple of ranch pictures:

The babies with their first horse. C&D liked him very much until his bristly chin tickled David's hands. David cried, and then Carmen cried, and I apologized to the horse and we moved on. I forget that David feels very vulnerable in the stroller; he really does feel more secure when he is worn. He can hold on tight to us when he feels scared, and look away when he feels overwhelmed. But today since the park is so open--and I was so tired--we brought it. In fact, later today at Babies R Us (buying another baby gate while Matt stayed at home and used the scary vaccuum . . . earlier in the week I decided to section off my house like cattle have different pastures) a woman stopped to admire C&D and when she bent over to touch David's face he screamed sad, scared tears until we rolled toward the next aisle. "He's hungry!" she said. "You're scary!" I wanted to say back, but I just smiled and nodded and slid away. I don't blame him, really; it must feel very strange to have tall strangers bend over, block the overhead light, and make him feel as if he is about to be smothered. (That's one of the reasons that, way back in the few days when I thought I would be having a singleton like everyone else, I wanted an Xplory . . . better view for the baby, isn't it?).

Anyway, I digress.

Playing with chickens.
After we visited with the white horse, we made friends with a red horse named Rooster. David prefered that he keep his distance, but Carmen enjoyed touching Rooster's nose. We talked to Rooster's cowboy friend (eh! Babies' first cowboy!) for a little while about cattle and ranching and land, land, land. (Hey, John, he said AgriSeek had some great jobs on it!). He and Rooster rode off to check on their cattle, and we strolled on over to our favorite place, the Dogtrot House. There we chased the chickens, practiced walking, and then rested inside while we watched the crackling fire in the open oven.

Oh, here's another picture . . . do you have an idea of how big this horse was compared to little bitty David?
And hey, the George Ranch is hiring . . .

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Pitter Patter Begins!

David walked four wide, wobbly steps today, in lieu of his regularly scheduled nap. He still crawled the rest of the day, but this week should prove interesting.

Going to try to make it to the George Ranch tomorrow, so I'm off to get ready.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Where is my pitter patter?

David has taken a half step several times this week, but still prefers the security of the futon, the wall, the shelves, the diaper pail, the edge of the bathtub. Just as when he learned to crawl, he tests himself by throwing balls or other things a distance away, and then tries to chase after them for another throw. Or he tries to chase the cat. Poor, patient cat.

With one hand clutching our shirt, Carmen happily walks circles around us whether we are sitting or standing, and walks very well when we hold her hand. She hops and tries to climb anything with any vertical height, be it a shelf or a pile of blankets.

Despite this, when C&D have somewhere to go, we still hear the reliable thwap-thwap-thwap of chubby hands and knees on the floor.

I have some pictures to share, and a long list of notes on my bathroom mirror that needs transcribing; let's hope C&D are cooperative tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

This morning we all showered and marched on over to Picture People to take a Valentine's Pic (I had a coupon, I had Cupid wings, all I needed was a big plastic candy heart prop and a photographer!), but apparently a lot of other mothers also thought it would be neat to surprise Daddy with a Valentine photo tonight. No available sessions until 8:20 this evening. So I drove home, set out our bath rug (David didn't like the feel of the grass on his nakey butt!), brought out the wings, and took pictures with one hand while I wrangled babies with the other. The pictures aren't perfect, and my neighbor's wall is not exactly seasonal, but you the get the idea.

And the babies had fun, and afterward celebrated with a messy lunch, complete with sticky chins, hands, and hair.

Not many posts because I still have babies pulling down on my pants. Not walking, yet. I think they can, actually, they just don't know it yet.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Oh, well

Having fun over here with the crazy sense of baby humor. Earlier I went to bed thinking, "What a fun stage. Can't they always be this way?"

Then David woke up, and woke Carmen up, and then while I got David back to sleep Carmen waited with Matt about an hour before I could rock her. And feed her. And potty her. And rock her again. After rocking her while watching about half of the Bean movie (good thing I think it's funny) I put Carmen down and snuck off to the kitchen for a drink of water. I returned to the bedroom to find Carmen crawling across the bed and giggling.

She's still awake.

Fun stage, alright. Can't wait 'till they grow out it!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Torched Roof

This is the roof that Salvador and his roofing friend thought would work best on our porch, given the pitch. I like it because it has a low profile and won't clash with the nice red shingles on the house. We received a lot of rain yesterday and no leaks, so I think it'll work!

Tomorrow we select lighting for inside and out, ceiling fans, and paint.


Did I share this one with you? Toby likes the jogging stroller, too. Maybe I should have gotten a triplet stroller so he can ride along with the babies.

Fed Carmen and David some roast beef at lunch yesterday and Carmen kept saying "Mo! Mo! Mo!" I guess she liked it!