Saturday, October 29, 2005

Because everything is new

This weekend C&D discovered the zoo, flamingos, house-sized aquaria, the George Ranch, and . . . hay.

More later. Really.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Color, paint, sing, play!

College Tuition Increases Outpaced Gains in Aid: Ouch.

Here's something less painful: I'm now a distributor for Mercurius USA. Crayons, paints, flutes, drums, Waldorf supplies . . . and C&D get to try out all the merchandise! Woo-hoo!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Jump Start

Next Height/Weight Checkup is in Two Weeks . . .

P.S. Somebody tell her to alternate sides . . .

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Even Better

Today we drove to Central Market for dinner and some Seven Generation kitchen cleaner to replace my Waterpik Aquia (a sad story that I will not recount in this space . . . sniff).

All of our meals now involve C&D eating, too, so they ate sauteed carrots, slippery mung bean noodles, and little bitty nibbles of water chestnuts. After our little family covered the concrete floor beneath our patio table with a sprinkle of orange and white in the style of Pollock, Matt and I realized that we should go out to eat more often. The babies enjoy eating and people-watching, and, even better, we don't have to clean the floor when we're done.

At home the biggest culinary hit this weekend was lightly steamed haricots vert. That's good. Skinny little green beans are easy to clean up.

I think the babies have confused the sign for "milk" with the sign for "mommy." I should fix that before they start school.

I also need to fix our sleep habits. I think Carmen has taken after her mother and turned into a nighttime dawdler (see the time of those post). Tonight she ate, pottied, rocked, then ate, pottied, and rocked again before falling asleep. I suppose she just wanted to make sure I was able to watch Desperate Housewives (and Extreme Home Makeover before, and Grey's Anatomy after).

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Babies Wobble But They Won't Fall Down

Well, most of the time, anyway.

Earlier in the week I left the babies alone in the living-room-turned-playroom for a minute while I got a drink in the kitchen. I returned to find Carmen had rolled toward David, and they were giggling and grabbing at one another. I wanted to record it, and instead caught this:

This week we built an enclosure against the kitchen window, where our table used to be. We made my office space a little smaller, moved the kitchen table to the spot where my plants sat, and then fenced off the newly-created space adjacent to the kitchen's picture window. Now that the babies are squiggling, scootching, wobbling, and rolling around, the enclosure will let us keep an eye on them while we work in the kitchen or catch a snack. They seem not to mind it, and David has already tried pulling up on the metal bars (and stopped halfway up, stuck).
Watching the cat on the window ledge outside.

C&D snacked on some broccoli yesterday, but Carmen said she preferred her sock, instead. Good thing we found more BabyGap socks at the consignment store. They are stretchy and pull up higher than most, so she has to tug on them for hours before they finally come off.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Babies Say: Mush Is Out!

Babies Worldwide Admit Mushy Food is Boring

I laughed when I saw this. I think C&D wrote it.

The past couple of weeks they have made clear that the pureed veggies I prepared for them is so two months ago. They don't object to the taste, but are less enthused about the texture. This has been especially true since they've noticed that the sweet potatoes or beets on my plate don't look much like theirs.

So their favorites these days? Crunchy wheat crackers, al dente penne pasta, crisp broccoli off the stalk, sweet potato and yams cut into "fries," bananas, roast lamb, oat o's, savory chicken bones (great teething toys!), the fattest baby carrots we can find, and slimey, slippery pieces of avocado. Almost all organic, of course, I am proud of that. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to grow strong, healthy people.

We still consider the allergenicity of the foods we are introducing them to (imagine being allergic to avocado, how sad!), but the food processor won't be making any more mushy baby food. Good thing I've got the ingredients for a nice basil and pine nut pesto lined up for tomorrow. Don't want the food processor to sit on its (rubber-footed, skidproof) laurels.

David's second tooth is finally starting to break the surface. I felt it when I felt the first around the time of Rita, but it has been slow in erupting. So now he is close to having two center bottom teeth. Carmen's two top left teeth are on the way out, and she likes practicing her bite on poor, defenseless carrots.

Monday, October 10, 2005

David Wearing Babylegs

Another mirror picture.

Couldn't put a clingy David down this afternoon, and couldn't take a picture of him sitting in my lap because he was squirmy and kept grabbing at the camera--until we went into the bathroom. So, say hi to David, my trusty bathroom mirror, and check out those cute Babylegs!

With winter approaching, the Babylegs should help C&D keep toasty-warm.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Carmen, Fiona, and a Library Book, and, well . . .

Taking a moment to have a snack (well, okay, Dinner Part II) and catch up on a couple of projects before joining everybody else in sleep. I really didn't want to put Carmen to bed earlier tonight. I was enjoying her too much. As I rocked her she nursed, stood, jumped, sang, gurgled, pottied, took off our socks, explored my mouth, hair, and headlamp, and spoke German ("Goch! Goch!), Chinese ("Gu, Gu!"), Sheepish ("Ba Ba Ba!") and British English (Ta! Ta! Ta!). Frustrating, maybe, but I still wanted to kiss her cheeks until she giggled and squealed.

Of course, those things are funny in the evening, but tragic at midnight. Fortunately such antics are rare once C&D are asleep.

Carmen reading Joseph Had a Little Overcoat with Fiona.

I was going to say something else but a long week has caught up with me, because I have already forgetten it. Hmm. Well, just for yummies, here is a picture of David from the Hurricane Rita weekend before I sign off. He is a little tired in the picture, but still his sweet, sensitive self:

Thursday, October 06, 2005

So what's that "n" code that shows up when you press "play"?

Let me know. I sure don't know what it is. I'm stumped, and it's icky-looking.

Trembling With Excitement

When David was about 6 months old, we noticed that at certain times he would literally tremble with excitement. He still trembles when he sees something exciting, like a new toy (in this case, a plastic bag), or the cat. Sometimes he yells at whatever he's looking at, as if to say, "Hey, you know I can't reach you because I haven't figured out how to locomote, so you get yourself over here, instead!" When the cat hears such racket of course he ignores it, and thus David is already learning how it is with cats.

And here is Carmen trying to figure out how exactly her arms and legs might work so that she can move from here to there. It's hard stuff, learning how to get around! She's looking away from the camera because she's looking at Fiona. I think Carmen wanted to ask her, "So, think you can help me out, here?"

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I Am SuperMom

I am SuperMom. Or, at least, let me pretend that I am.

This picture was taken this afternoon. In my bathroom. Yes, I write on my mirror with Dry-Erase markers. Yes, that is David peeking around my back. Yes, we are about to take a walk. Yes, I would like hazard pay.

Still here, but caught up in, well, living. Work, play, evacuating from hurricanes, cleaning up after evacuating from hurricanes, cleaning up after cleaning up, and trying to reason with two babies who are reluctant to sleep because they would like to practice crawling, talking, walking, exploring, and just being babies.

Trying to crawl. Arms and legs aren't coordinated, yet, so after realizing she is stuck . . .

Carmen takes a break.

David is still squiggling, but gets more excited about possibly walking. He pulled himself up to kneeling today. I wonder what is next?

More will come later, I promise, when things settle down. (Please say they will.)

First library trip yesterday. Found I can relate to the Very Hungry Caterpillar: need to go grocery shopping for the second time in a week tomorrow. The fridge is empty.