Thursday, June 30, 2005

Name Change to Blog

For privacy concerns. My name is highly Google-able (a good thing, for the sake of old friends), but so is my phone number and address.

I guess the good thing about the change is that "pitterpatterperiodical" is easier for some people to spell!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Celebrating Five Months

Monday, June 27, 2005

Deadly Immunity

Found this article on I have heard a lot of this information before, but have had a difficult time separating truth from fiction because the data on both sides is often flawed, or complicated. I don't think Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. would risk his (okay, mostly solid) reputation on an article that he could not support, however, so this has me seriously second-guessing my decision to vaccinate C&D.

Deadly Immunity: When a study revealed that mercury in childhood vaccines may have caused autism in thousands of kids, the government rushed to conceal the data -- and to prevent parents from suing drug companies for their role in the epidemic.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

By the Way . . .

Happy Anniversary to Matt and I. No, we're not going to do anything special, unless laundry counts.

And David did get to sleep, but then Matt made noise opening the back door (can't really be helped) while he was with Baby #2. Of course David, who sleeps so lightly that one day he just might float right out of bed, woke up.

So it seems that he's up for a little while, but Carmen's asleep.

For now.

They Said

"Oh, no, Ouch! Oh, no, Ouch!" squeaks the La-Z-Boy as I rock Carmen to sleep. When she is limp and peaceful, I set her down to work on David. The naptime routine is always the same. Feed, rock, then sleep.

"Just put them to sleep," they said.

Some days the concept of putting the babies sleep goes the way of the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. We want to believe, but really, I suspect it's nothing but a well-fabricated lie designed to make parents feel like they are doing something useful.

As I begin to rock David he complains, pushing himself away from my body and furrowing his brow. He doesn't want to sleep. I hold him tight and cuddle his warm, huggable body. Minutes later Carmen is awake, and Matt takes her to the glider.

"Use a glider," they said. "Puts them right to sleep."

Matt hugs Carmen to his chest and starts patting her back. Carmen stares at the window until her eyes slowly flutter closed. Realizing she has nearly been lulled to sleep, her eyes blink open, wide. She sits up and looks up to make eye contact with Matt . . . and laughs. And laughs again. Now two giggly, hopelessly sleep-deprived sillies, Carmen and Matt retreat to another room.

Two sleep-deprived sillies on the path to exhaustion.

I still rock with David, who by this point has burrowed into the crook of my arm and is flopping and squirming like a fish out of water.

"Use the swing," they said. "Works every time."

I put David in the swing. I turn on the mobile and he wrinkles his nose and smiles. I make myself busy and listen to his concert of raspberries, spit bubbles, and squeaks. Half an hour later . . .

Howdy, mama! Why you lookin' so tired?

well, you get the idea.

From Friday: Carmen kicking her legs like the girl in the swing at the Old San Francisco Steakhouse.

Friday, June 24, 2005

A Five Months of Babies Present

Matt bought us a five-month of babies present today. It was something we really needed--a glider. In five months of babies we've worn out two rocking chairs. They practically groan from exhaustion these days.

Today we also reactivated my membership at the gym. They have a day care which is rarely used, so the babies will almost always have the caregiver to themselves. They've been pretty personable lately (Carmen has a little separation anxiety, but she's a brave girl), so I think they'll be okay for an hour at a time. If they fuss, I'll get paged. We'll see how they like it. The most exciting benefit to the gym is that the babies are allowed to join me in the water on the weekends. I can wear one baby at a time and we can play splashies, and practice our dive reflex so the babies don't grow up to be water wimps like their mama. Maybe we'll go as soon as Sunday. Saturday I have to go to the optometrist for my (year-overdue) checkup, so that will be exciting enough for us all.

I remember that a year ago I was sitting in the dark, watching TV and feeling my stomach turn itself inside out. Today I'm sitting in the dark, watching TV, and getting ready to finish this up so I can settle in for bed with my little girl. My wiggly little boy will join us later. Good night.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Happy Five Months, Babies!

No time for celebrating today, though. We did have a relatively good napping day, and then a good trip to Central Market where we got free purple balloons that I worried about the whole drive home.

We're close to sitting up, LOVE to stand, think our toys are yummy, and add new sounds to our repertoire every day. Pictures will come this weekend.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Nobody Wants a Child to Cry

Nice story: Lions Guard Ethiopian Girl.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Matt's First Father's Day

We spent it doing the usual things. Playing, singing, rocking, swinging when the rocking didn't work. David is the one under the blanket in the picture, but maybe you already guessed that.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

New Picture Sizes

. . . since the grandmas are printing them to show to others. (Guess they're kinda proud of their grandbabies? Yeah, just a little!) The click-through image is also larger.

A Package from New Hampshire!

Carmen in a pretty red dress!

What's the Scoop, Davey?

Monday afternoon Carmen and David found a surprise in the mailbox--a present from Cec in New Hampshire! We were all excited to find two adorable red outfits in the package! We washed them right away, and today on the way to the grocery we got all dressed up. Carmen's dress has flowers and a dragonfly in front, and David's romper has a dog driving a frontloader, and it says, "What's the Scoop?" Matt & I thought that was really funny. Both outfits are perfect for our hot, hot, (did I say hot?) summer weather.

Cec is a special friend, and we are so grateful for the gift!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Maxine and Ann Came to Visit Today

Carmen with Maxine

David with Ann

Maxine Johnston and Ann Roberts came over to visit our dynamic duo today. There were in town from Batson to run some errands. We so enjoyed seeing them!

Maxine took a lot of pictures on her new digital camera. Hers are not blurry because we used the flash with those. I'll post some of them here when she sends them to me.

Mountains and Sky

This is a story about blessings.

A year ago I sat in the passenger side of a rented Chevy Trailblazer. Scott sat in the back seat, and Matt drove. We had ridden together over the rolling scrub of Southern California, through the hot, mystical Mojave Desert, and entered a desolate country full of scrub and rock, mountain and sky. We rode on a wave of joy and adventure. Four days before the drive I found out I was carrying a little seed of a baby. Two days before we had celebrated a wedding.

We stopped and sat under a gazebo in Tonopah, NV to review our topo maps. We planned on hiking for several days, taking advantage of the cooler air at several thousand feet of elevation. As I looked at the maps I began to worry for my little seed. What was I doing here? I pushed away my doubts and gathered my nerve. I would feel better on the trail.

We left the main highway and entered a lonelier, emptier place. The land rose and the road cut through a small town--barely a settlement, really--called Belmont. As we kept driving the pavement turned to gravel.

We had grown tired and stopped talking by then. I gazed at the mountains to my right, looking for signs of green, of coolness, of familiarity. I suddenly felt the heavy, sluggish rear of the vehicle slide to the right and then to the left. I grabbed the handle above the door as Matt struggled with the steering wheel.

My eyes wide open, I screamed as I watched the horizon tilt. The loud crash of plastic and metal dominated my senses as we tipped onto the driver's side. The windshield shattered and airborne sand filled my view. The truck bounced and rolled onto its roof before settling on the passenger side and coming to a stop. The air began to clear. My hand was still on the handle, and I felt a grateful awareness of my intact body.

Matt climbed out of the truck and I took a breath. He called for Scott--we had heard nothing from the back seat. Scott answered back and told Matt to get me out. By this time I was standing on the center console, trying to figure out how to climb out through the Matt's window. Scott hopped out with his usual athletic facility, and together we stared at the wreckage.

Devil's Bluff, Nye County, NV

We walked back to the town on the hill. Above us storm clouds rolled in, cooling our backs with the shade. Mountains rose on the horizon in every direction.

Matt took a small cut to his nose. I hit my head and it spun for weeks afterward. We'll never really understand why. Scott maybe cracked a rib. Maybe. Really, we were just fine.

Fast forward to a year later. The little seed was just fine, too. In fact, there were two of them in there. As babies they hate riding in the car, and some people suspect they know the reason why. We'll have no backpacking trips this summer. Instead my days are filled with coos and raspberries and giggles and silly, milky smiles. My mountains and my sky--Carmen Sierra and David Celestino--remind me of what I am and where I have been.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Bumbo Morning

A Bumbo Morning

The babies love the Bumbo seats! Now we can play pat-a-cake and other games on the floor. And see how naturally nice and straight their backs are! It feels good to see them in it, and they really do enjoy the perspective.

Note Davey's new favorite thing, the Terra Taro Chip bag. Mmm, crinkly!

Barbara Walters BUSTed

Click here to watch Barbara Walters BUSTed by Jimmy Kimmel.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Can't Hardly Sleep

Carmen and David have discovered many things to get excited about, these days. Sneezes and hiccups are suddenly funny, standing is now a preferred pastime, and even ordinary objects are extraordinarily tasty. Some pictures from the past week:

Carmen standing with Belinda (Carmen's wearing 'sposies because the washing machine(s) were broken).

Matt talks on the phone while Carmen practices balancing.

David in ecstasy after discovering the delicate taste of the baby gym.

Over the weekend David found the crinkly crunchiness of an empty bag of Terra Spiced Taro Chips beyond compare. I'm sure a picture of him with his new toy will be coming along soon.

And if we already can't hardly sleep from the excitement of a normal day, just wait until our dynamic duo try out their new Bumbo Seats tomorrow! They actually arrived today, but after 7pm. We are plenty sleep deprived as it is, no need to find one more reason to stay up all excited and giggly.

Babies are sleeping, so the mama will, too. Tomorrow will be another busy day.

Monday, June 06, 2005

"Camp Stove Aesthetic"

I love the way this article refers to Subaru owners and their beloved vehicles. Carmen and David still aren't real fond of the Twinmobile. Sigh. We need to be able to drive further than Central Market, someday.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Make Things for Babies (but maybe not mine)

In the way that one click-click-clicks through the web and finds oneself in a new and wonderful place, I came upon Jan Andrea: at home on the web. The patterns here are terrific! I am sad I didn't find her mobile graphics when I was looking for them months and months ago; instead we made do with a zebra and Winnie-the-Pooh (Carmen's favorite, for a while). Oh, well, maybe you know someone who would find the patterns useful and she can find out about them BEFORE her babies are four months old.

I like her baby carrier patterns. I only have eight carriers . . .

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bouncing Babies